An Excerpt from's "Vote by Mail Frequently Asked Questions for the November 3, 2020 General Election" (as of 09/24/20)

Due to COVID-19, New Jersey Elections the November 3rd General Election will be primarily Vote-by-Mail.

Governor Murphy signed Executive Order #177 stating that the November 3rd General Election will be conducted primarily by Vote-by-Mail (“VBM”), with limited in-person polling locations on General Election Day. VBM will be new to many Union County residents. It is important for voters to understand how the new process will work so we can be sure our votes are valid under the new rules. Make sure your vote counts.

Who is going to automatically receive a VBM Ballot?

All active registered voters will automatically be mailed a VBM Ballot.

For purposes of the Certification that you must sign stating that you applied for the VBM Ballot, please be advised that Governor Murphy’s Executive Order No. 144 acts as your application.

How do I return my VBM Ballot?

Your ballot will include a return postage-paid envelope, (no stamp necessary) which will be included in the VBM Ballot packet that you will receive. You may mail your ballot through the US Postal Service. You also may deposit your ballot in one of 13 secure drop boxes located throughout the county that has daily pick-up or you may deliver your ballot directly to the Board of Elections.

When will the ballots be mailed?

The ballots will be mailed in waves beginning in September. All voters will have received their ballots in the beginning of October.

What is the deadline for returning your VBM Ballot?

If you are using the US Postal Service, the ballot must be postmarked on or before November 3, 2020. Ballots postmarked by November 3rd and received by November 10th will also be counted.

If you are using one of the secure drop boxes, the deadline for delivering your ballot is 8:00 pm on November 3, 2020. View drop-box locations.

If you are delivering your ballot in-person, you may deliver it to the Board of Elections Office up until 8 pm on November 3rd; the night of the General Election.

If someone other than the voter is delivering the ballot to the Board of Elections make sure that they fill out and sign the Carrier Section on the left front side of the return envelope and the voter fills out the back of the envelope.

Does the Board of Elections require identification if I choose to deliver my VBM Ballot directly to them?

YES. A voter delivering their own ballot is required to produce identification. If a Carrier is delivering the voter’s ballot, they too must produce identification. Contact the Board of Elections at 908-527-4123 to find out what identification is acceptable.

What should I do if I lose my VBM Ballot, it is destroyed or I do not believe I received it?

If your VBM Ballot is lost, damaged or you do not believe you received it, you may request a duplicate from the County Clerk’s Office. You may also visit the County Clerk’s Office up until 8 pm on Election night to request a duplicate ballot.

How will I know where my polling place will be located?

The Board of Elections will be choosing a limited number of Polling Places available for voters on Election Day, where only Provisional Paper Ballots will be available to cast your vote. A Provisional Paper Ballot is similar to voting on your VBM Ballot. You will be receiving a post card notifying you of the polling location in your municipality.

When is the deadline to register to vote?

The deadline to register to vote is October 13, 2020. Registration must be mailed and postmarked by October 13, 2020. You may also deliver your Registration to your Municipal Clerk or to the Union County Board of Elections by 8 pm on October 13, 2020.

Will I be permitted to vote in-person on the voting machine if I go to my polling place?

NO. You will not be permitted to vote on the machine if you go to your polling place. Voters who appear at the polling location will be permitted to vote ONLY on a Provisional Paper Ballot. (A Provisional Paper Ballot is similar to voting on your VBM Ballot).

We urge you to use your VBM Ballot, as Provisional Ballots are counted last and must be checked against the VBM Ballots that have already been cast before they are accepted.

How will I vote if I am disabled and require an accessible ballot?

If you have a disability and need an accessible ballot, please contact the Union County Board of Elections at 908-527-4123 or you may go to your assigned polling place, which will provide access to an in-person accessible voting device on Primary Election Day.

May I return my VBM Ballot to the polling location on Primary Election Day?

YES. VBM Ballots will be accepted at the polling location.

Do all VBM Ballots get counted?

Ballots that are properly cast are canvassed and counted. Two common errors causing ballots to be rejected are: 1. neglecting to sign the Certification, and 2. the tampering of the Certificate of Election.

Do Not Tear the Certificate and attempt to tape it. If your Certificate is detached or damaged, request a new Certificate by contacting the County Clerk’s Election Office at 908-527-4996.

Will I be notified if my VBM ballot is rejected?

YES. The Board of Elections will notify you following the Election with the reason why your ballot was not counted.

When will we know the results of the November 3, 2020 General Election?

Due to the challenges of this election and the time allotted to receive ballots and counted by the Board of Election; the results may not be available until November 23rd. Every effort will be made to provide results as quickly as possible. The goal is to be accurate.

Will I continue to get VBM Ballots for all future elections after this General Election?

Voters that have previously requested to receive ballots by mail for all future elections will continue to receive ballots for all future elections.

How do I contact the Board of Elections and/or the County Clerk’s Office?

Union County Clerk’s Office

Union County Courthouse

2 Broad Street, Room 113

Elizabeth, NJ 07201


Union County Board of Elections

271 North Broad Street

Elizabeth, NJ 07207